Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How long should a pair of shoes last

I'm talking about semi decent work shoes, black, leather, with rubber sole, not the fancy dress shoes. They are not even the crappy cheap $29 ones! I know it depends how you wear them. Thanks. So, here is what I think. If I spend $150 dollars on a pair of shoes, I expect them to last for at least a year when I only wear them on weekdays and walk only to and from the train station , altogether 20 minutes a day. Is it too much? It certainly seems so.

After the sole got cracked of my old shoes I went to Myer and said to myself: I rather spend a bit more but then I will have quality shoes which will last longer. It's worth the extra money. After 5 months of wearing my fancy new more expensive shoes, I was really disappointed to see that the sole got loose from the top part ... So I took it back. The guy who I bought it from said that they can send it away to repair it. I said what? C'mon, you can't be serious... This company makes bigger profit each year than I can imagine, and yet you are about to send my shoe probably downstairs to Mister Minit on ground floor of the shopping centre to have it repaired instead of replacing it? They're not even 5 months old and I used it moderately. Sorry, said the guy, it is worn off, I can't replace it. 'Yes, it is worn off because I used to walk in them. ' 'And you should have looked after them better anyway ' , he said. Like what, pour some glue between the sole and the leather every week or what? Obviously I couldn't deal with this guy, so I tried to find someone else, of course no manager in store, and if I want to talk to her I have to come back another day. Yes, it is the 21st century and phones don't exist yet. Neither good customer service. So I left the shoe there, then went back home and wrote a letter to the store manager and explained my concern. No response for days, then I received back my shoes repaired which lasted for another 3 days. So took it back and found the manager who apologised and gave me my money back. So the company cleared itself but I still not convinced that more money gives you better quality.

So my next pair of shoes came from the little corner store. And it wasn't even $50 after some discount and it looked just as good as the expensive one. Also leather and everything. And guess what , the sole came off after 4 months. Maybe there is something wrong with the way I walk, yes that must be it. This time I didn't argue whether I used the shoe extensively, I just simply left it there. In 2 hours time I got an sms from the shop, shoes cannot be repaired please go back to the store for replacement. Great. That's what I call customer service. But the shoe model is discontinued, no similar model, only ugly ones , and thanks to the change of the season only boots are available and a few cheap looking work shoes, but of course no money back, only store credit ... So this time I ended up with a shoe for $100, and time starts now.

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