Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's my life, it's now or never ...

I think you can hear the tunes from Bon Jovi as you read the title. And if you think about these two lines, they are so true . We live only once, or at least some of us think that, until we reincarnate in an IKEA Billy bookcase and realize that no need to rush, just wait for your turn and you will see everything you need to see. I believe you need to do whatever you feel like doing otherwise you will never have a chance to do it. Just a note, I'm talking about doing something creative and don't propose to do thing what the society doesn't tolerate. So, be sensible.

Growing up in Hungary and learning English only in school, we never understood the lyrics of pop songs, when we were kids, but we always tried to sing them , trying to guess the words by copying the sounds we heard. I remember, I quite liked this song when I was a kid but never quite knew what it was about. So when I picked the title of my blog, I was thinking: What am I going to write about? Maybe about my life as so many of us do it these days. Nowadays, we have the urge to leave something behind for our kids, for the people around us, some sort of a legacy, leave a mark in the history, to yell out to the world: 'Hey, I'm here' , or ' I was here ' . When I was a kid, there were the treearvings on school trips in the woods, saying 'I was here' , then the who loves who carved in a heart, which looked like nothing like a heart because it was so hard to make round lines with a swiss army knife. What do we have today? The most obvious example would be the grafitti all around us, or the modern days' online graffiti: YouTube. Why do we do that? Why do we need to emphasize our existence? Is it just a natural human behaviour to stand out in the crowd or only a few people feel like they have to leave marks to the world before they go away forever or for awhile - depending on your belief. I'll google it tomorrow.

I wrote a 3-page short story once, I like to call it a novel but it was so far away from a novel. Then I started to do some paintings and occasionally I still do it. So what else can I leave behind? A few piece of furniture I made, ticked. Maybe a memoir, a book, that would be awesome. Let's start it here. Welcome to my world, it's my life...

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